FY23 Year in review

Inter IKEA Group FY23 year in review

Total retail sales for FY23 reached EUR 47.6 billion (EUR 44.6 billion in FY22). This includes sales of IKEA products, food and services to customers. Compared to FY22, retail sales grew by 6.6% (+7.3% when adjusted for currency effects).
  • €47.6
  • €44.6
  • €41.9

IKEA retail sales in billion EUR

In FY23, IKEA retail operations were much less impacted by measures related to Covid-19 and most IKEA stores remained open without (severe) restrictions. However, while sales in value terms increased, sales in volumes and number of products sold decreased.
Ratail sales

IKEA Retail sales development 

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Both store sales and online sales continued to grow.

Product sold through stores


Products sold online


Services to customers


Share of IKEA retail sales

Inter IKEA Group started lowering sales prices to IKEA franchisees in the last four months of FY23. This should positively affect affordability for retail customers going forward. In addition, the resolution of logistic disruptions improved the availability of products for our customers.

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