Meet the Inter IKEA Group management team

Inter IKEA Group includes group functions to support the three core businesses and the long term development of the IKEA franchise system. This setup enables Core Businesses Franchise, Range and Supply to focus on their assignments. Their overall assignment is:

Holding IKEA together

  • To lead IKEA above and beyond the current business model
  • To lead and support the long-term development of the IKEA franchise systems and
    value chain

Supporting with group functions

  • Governing formal responsibilities
  • Provide common frameworks, tools and methods

These are the members of the Inter IKEA Group management team:

  • Jon small

    Jon Abrahamsson Ring, CEO

  • Martin small

    Martin van Dam, CFO

  • Henrik small

    Henrik Elm, Operations Manager

  • Dennis Baslev

    Dennis Baslev, Core Business Franchise Manager

  • Tina

    Tina Kardum Funnemark, Communication Manager

  • Jun Mi

    Jun Mi, People & Culture Manager

  • Fredrika inger

    Fredrika Inger, Core Business Range Manager

  • Par

    Pär Stenmark, Sustainability Manager

  • groran

    Göran Stark, Digital Manager

  • Suzanne

    Susanne Waidzunas, Core Business Supply Manager

Inter IKEA Holding

Inter IKEA Holding B.V., located in the Netherlands, is the holding company for the Inter IKEA Group. Jon Abrahamsson Ring is the CEO. The management of Inter IKEA Holding B.V. is overseen by a Supervisory Board. Its members are:


  • Anders Dahlvig, Chairman
  • Aline Santos
  • Søren Hansen
  • Mathias Kamprad
  • Véronique Laury
  • John Olie

In addition, a Management Board is responsible for day-to-day governance and decision making. It's members are Jon Abrahamsson Ring, Martin van Dam and Henrik Elm, all members of the Inter IKEA Group management team.