IKEA Franchise system

One brand, many companies – the IKEA franchise system

IKEA is a franchise business. That means that many groups of companies work together under one IKEA brand.

This diagram shows a simplified overview of key organisations in the IKEA Franchise system and value chain (excluding subsidiaries) as per 1 February, 2024.
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Franchising is a system that encourages everyone to contribute and collaborate. The franchisor is responsible to continuously develop the IKEA Concept and ensure its implementation in new and existing markets. Franchisees provide valuable input based on consumer and market insights. Together, all these companies improve and build the IKEA brand.

Each year the companies in the franchise system work together to launch more than 2000 new products, develop new ways to make shopping at IKEA more convenient, and help more than 800 million people to live healthier, more sustainable lives. For this, key relationships with product suppliers and service providers are instrumental.