Ethics and Integrity

Our IKEA vision, business idea and culture, guides us in everything we do and is more relevant today than ever before.


The IKEA vision – why we are here
Our vision is "to create a better everyday life for the many people". Every word in this statement gives us inspiration and guidance. We side with the many people and embrace development that make people’s everyday lives better. By keeping their best interests in mind, we can create positive change for families, communities and societies.

We also believe, that whatever we are doing today, we can do a bit better tomorrow. Because, like our founder Ingvar Kamprad, once said: “Happiness is not reaching your goal, happiness is being on the way”. 

The IKEA way of doing business
The IKEA way of doing business is rooted in the IKEA values and culture. The IKEA values show up in our actions, decisions and behaviours. This behavioural part is the foundation of the way we do business and the way we interact with each other and others.  Our corporate conscience comes alive through our approach to ethics and integrity founded on our strong culture and values. Our view on different topics exemplifies this in a strong way. Click here to read more.

At Inter IKEA Group, we continuously strive to be a mindful and caring company. A place where you can be you, where everyone feels safe and appreciated. Our common view on ethics and integrity help to build and protect that vision. But as we all know, things don’t always go as planned.

Code of Conduct
Our code of conduct is a tool that helps navigate difficult situations and deal with complexity. How? By providing clear expectations on how we should behave and clearly defining the lines of unacceptable behaviour. Curious to know more, click here.

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Raise a concern
When we care about each other and our planet, we create a better everyday life together. But despite efforts of the many, sometimes things that should never happen, happen anyway. Bullying, discrimination, fraudulent or corrupt activities, environmental violations or other breaches of our code of conduct, laws or regulations.

If you experience or observe misconduct in a work-related context involving Inter IKEA Group co-workers, the raise a concern channel gives you the possibility to speak up and to be listened to. Yes, it can be hard to take that step, but it is the best way to sustain a safe, secure and fair work environment. Please remember this, you are protected from any form of retaliation if you raise your concern and you can report anonymously.

You are welcome to use this raise a concern channel to speak up, in good faith, regarding breaches or misconduct related to the Inter IKEA Group Code of Conduct or breaches of laws or regulations. If you would like to raise a concern related to the IKEA retail business, please go to the specific websites of the franchisee that your concern relates to (you can find information about our franchisees here).

If you have concerns related to our customer service, unfortunately we will not be able to take care of it in this channel. Please, contact the IKEA Customer Service desk in your country and you will get assistance there. Please note, that customer complaints sent via this channel will not be considered.

In case you would like to raise a concern related to the IKEA Foundation or the work it supports, please visit
Please note that this is not an emergency service. Do not use this channel to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this channel may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities

Below you will find detailed information about why and how to raise a concern within Inter IKEA Group, what happens if you speak up and how your concern is handled. It describes the global process and may be adapted if required under local legislation.
  • The Inter IKEA Group approach to business and people success is based on honesty, respect, fairness and integrity. We have documented our way of doing business in our Code of Conduct, policies and manuals. These documents, together with applicable laws and regulations, provide guidance to our co-workers on the principles and ethical values to uphold. They support us in our everyday working life to make the right decisions: no matter where we are, who we are working with and under which circumstances. Despite these guiding documents you may observe or experience behaviour that concerns you, or that might appear to breach our Code of Conduct, applicable laws, or regulations. If that is the case, we would like to encourage you to raise your concern.
  • Inter IKEA Group promotes a culture of inclusiveness: everyone is encouraged and should feel empowered to come forward, in good faith, to raise any concerns they might have. We believe that raising concerns, no matter how big or small, are key to sustaining a safe and secure work environment, our reputation, success, and license to operate. We hope you see it as your responsibility to raise your concern and feel the courage to do so. Remaining silent could make the situation worse for co-workers and/or the business and creates an environment of a lack of trust. When you raise your concern, we can help and take action. In this way, we can improve together.
  • We encourage anyone who observes or experiences misconduct in a work-related context, involving Inter IKEA Group co-workers, to come forward and to raise their concern. Our raise a concern channel is available to e.g., co-workers, suppliers, partners, former co-workers, future co-workers, consultants, volunteers etc.
  • There are different options to raise a concern. We trust that persons who raise a concern choose to report in the way that feels most comfortable to them. We hope that you can resolve your concern directly with the person involved or with support of the manager or a colleague from People & Culture, since this is according to our IKEA values where we aim to create an open and transparent culture. However, we also understand that sometimes this is not desirable and a more remote way of reporting is better or feels more comfortable. That’s why we have our raise a concern platform to support. Via the raise a concern platform you can choose to report at central level, to designated persons within Group and Core Business Risk & Compliance, or at local level to designated persons within our local companies. No matter which channel you choose, we will listen and follow-up appropriately.
  • We are open to any concern that you may have but aim specifically at breaches of our Code of Conduct, laws, and regulations. It is impossible to give an exhaustive list of all the activities that constitute breaches or misconduct but, broadly speaking you are encouraged to report the following:

    • situations breaching human rights, including harassment (intimidation, discrimination, or abuse, sexual, racial or otherwise), child labour and acts or threats of physical violence.
    • situations which endanger the health or safety of individuals, including an unsafe work environment and excessive work hours.
    • financial and accounting concerns and asset misappropriation, including financial statement fraud or theft.
    • corruption or other criminal offences, including bribery, conflicts of interest, illegal gratuities or economic extortion.
    • breaches of competition and state aid rules.
    • situations which result in a risk to the privacy of individuals or the public.
    • actions which cause serious damage to the environment.
    • actions which harm consumer protection; and/or
    • actions which are intended to hide any of the above. 
  • Inter IKEA Group recognises that the decision to report a concern can be a difficult one to make. We will use all means at our disposal to protect a person raising a concern in good faith from any disadvantages because of their disclosures. Your position will not be harmed, even if after an investigation we determine that there has not been any misconduct: we will not tolerate any form of retaliation (e.g., suspension, dismissal, denial of promotion or education, negative reviews or change of work location). The person raising a concern is also afforded all protections available under applicable laws and regulations.

    Inter IKEA Group will also strive to protect the legitimate interests and confidentiality of other persons affected by any allegation of breaches or misconduct. Allegations related to persons can have serious consequences for those persons. Inter IKEA Group will ensure that the person raising a concern and the person who is subject of a concern are treated objectively. If it is found that the person raising a concern knowingly and wilfully raised a concern that was false, malicious, or for personal gain, or the allegations were made with reckless disregard for, or wilful ignorance of, facts that would disprove the allegations, then disciplinary actions (or even legal actions if applicable) may be taken against the individual.
  • As mentioned above, there are different options to raise a concern and trust that persons who raise a concern choose to report in the way that feels most comfortable to them. We hope that you are able to resolve your concern directly with the person involved or with support of the manager or a colleague from People & Culture. However, we also understand that sometimes this is not desirable and a more remote way of reporting is better or feels more comfortable. That’s why we have our raise a concern platform to support. No matter which reporting channel you choose, your concern will be handled by trained Inter IKEA Group co-workers and treated in line with our procedures.

    Our raise a concern platform can be reached by phone or web-form and is available in local languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can reach the platform, including the phone numbers via: The platform is hosted by an external company to which only designated persons within Inter IKEA Group have restricted access, to those parts relevant to them. Via the raise a concern platform anyone can choose to report at central level, to designated persons within Group and Core Business Risk & Compliance. Within our larger companies in Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland we also offer the possibility to report to local designated persons. If you wish you may ask for a meeting with the co-worker handling your concern, we will then arrange a meeting for you within reasonable time.

    When you report a concern via the platform, you will receive a user ID and password. The person handling your concern may have additional questions for you and/or may contact you for additional information via the platform. Any questions, updates or communication will be shared with you through the platform. By entering your confidential user ID and password you will have access to these questions or updates. You can leave answers or ask further questions in the same way as you made your report. You can revisit the platform at any stage for acknowledgement of the case and further exchange. Please keep your user ID and password safe and protected, to secure that your data and communication remain confidential.

    Please note, in some countries there are, due to legal reasons, limitations in how the Inter IKEA Group raise a concern channel can be used. Country-specific legal demands and restrictions for countries where Inter IKEA Group is located can be found below. Over the next months this list will be updated due to new whistleblowing laws being accepted in European Union member states:


    In compliance with law No. 231, case information handled through the raise a concern platform will be shared with an independent monitoring body (“organismo di vigilanza”)


    -Only serious concerns about irregularities in accounting, internal accounting controls, audits and corruption and banking and financial crimes may be reported. Concerns about other matters should be reported directly to persons in charge of legal or compliance issues.
    -Only persons practicing management acts relating to accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, corruption and bank and financial crime may be subject to reports.
    -Anonymous reports are prohibited.

  • Yes. Inter IKEA Group recognizes that there are circumstances where a person raising a concern does not wish to disclose their name. You may raise your concern anonymously unless applicable laws in your country do not allow anonymous reporting2. Please remember that while raising a concern anonymously is possible, such concerns are less powerful and enough detail must be provided to proceed with, and properly conduct an investigation. To reconfirm, in case you leave your name, Inter IKEA Group will make all efforts to ensure that your identity remains protected.

    1In line with the EU Whistle-Blower Directive, Inter IKEA Group has local reporting possibilities within the larger entities (>249 co-workers) within the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland (EEA). Local designated persons are available in our entities in Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden as well as Switzerland.
    2For countries where Inter IKEA Group is located, this is only applicable for Portugal, where anonymous reporting is prohibited.

  • When raising a concern, we encourage you to provide as much relevant information as possible. Detailed information enables us to assess and investigate concerns more thoroughly and to act where necessary. This includes the following:

    A raised concern can more easily be reviewed if it contains sufficient information and there is a reasonable possibility of obtaining further facts. The person(s) handling your concern will decide on next steps. Such next steps can for example be an investigation, or to hand over the report to relevant law enforcement authorities. It is also possible that a decision has to be made not to take further action, due to the minimal information or a lack of facts to proceed. Therefore, we encourage you to be as detailed as possible when raising a concern. Even if you do not have all the facts, we encourage you to raise your concern as soon as possible and to share the facts that you do have. Inter IKEA Group will investigate the matter to determine whether the concern is well-founded or not. Never investigate a matter yourself.

  • The raise a concern platform is hosted by an external company. Concerns that come in at central level are received and triaged by the Ethics & Integrity team within Group Risk & Compliance and handled by substantially trained co-workers at Group and Core Business level. Concerns reported at local level will be dealt with locally. If a concern reported at local level is structural or cross-entity, the concern will be re-directed to Group or Core Business Risk & Compliance for follow-up. Structural concerns are (in general) concerns with higher complexity (e.g., multiple persons and/or senior management allegedly involved). Cross-entity concerns are situations that affect two or more entities. In general, it will be more difficult to independently review such concerns at local level and therefore central will be there to support. Persons that report at local level will be informed when support from central will be provided. If you do not want your concern to be handled at central level, we ask you to respond within 14 calendar days in case you object to this. In case you object we could notify you that this may affect our ability to handle your concern appropriately.

    All reported concerns and its related information are treated and labelled as strictly confidential information. During and after review of the concern, Inter IKEA Group always manages details of reported concerns strictly confidential as per Inter IKEA Group instructions on information handling, including the identities of the reporter(s) and anyone mentioned in the report. Every effort will be made not to reveal the identity of persons raising a concern or referred to in a concern. We share the information on a strictly ‘need-to-know’ basis and only disclose it outside this small group if Inter IKEA is required to do so by law. You can help us protect confidentiality by being discreet and not discussing your concern further with your colleagues or anyone else.

    2For countries where Inter IKEA Group is located, this is only applicable for Portugal, where anonymous reporting is prohibited.

  • The number of co-workers involved in handling concerns is limited. These individuals are provided with intensive training in how to handle concerns raised, how to conduct fair and impartial investigations, and their responsibilities with respect to data privacy and confidentiality. These individuals will always act in accordance with Inter IKEA Group’s culture and values and must demonstrate and safeguard that they are independent and neutral from the reported concern. Depending upon the nature of the report, external advisors such as lawyers, forensic experts, auditors, or accountants may be engaged to assist in an investigation. These third parties work under strict confidentiality and under appropriate agreements. Your concern will be logged in a secure and dedicated IT-platform, consisting of a phoneline/web-intake and a case management system, both hosted by an external vendor.
  • You will receive a receipt of acknowledgement within 7 calendar days after receipt of your concern. Inter IKEA Group will further inform you about the decision on the treatment of the report, and on the closure of the case. We will investigate in a timely manner and strive to complete the review of your concern as soon as possible. You will receive feedback on the outcome and/or status of the investigation from the person handling your concern within 3 months after receipt of your concern. In complex cases, if more time may be required to complete an investigation, we will inform you within 3 months as well.
  • Inter IKEA Group deploys technical and organisational security measures to protect personal data relating to whistle-blower reports from being manipulated (unintentionally or intentionally), lost, destroyed, or accessed by unauthorised persons. We will do our utmost to handle your report confidentially to the fullest extent possible and permissible. This means that we only disclose your report to relevant persons on a need-to-know basis.
  • All persons involved will be treated in a fair and equal way. If it has been decided that an investigation is necessary and proportionate, the person(s) involved will be appropriately informed. We will allow those co-workers who are the subjects of any concern to be heard and provide them opportunity to respond and give their facts of the situation. Consequential actions will solely be taken based on facts.
  • In handling your data, we will comply with all applicable privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More specifically, we have taken technical and organisational measures needed to keep your data safe and secure. The entity to which you submitted your report is responsible for the processing of your report as well as your personal data. We have a legitimate interest to process your personal data to address misconduct, comply with applicable laws and provide a safe and healthy working environment. We assess on a case-by-case basis whether, and if so, how we process the personal data provided by you. We will treat your data (including your identity and of any person that your report concerns) as strictly confidential and ensure that your data will only be accessed on a strict need-to-know basis. The data included in your report will only be used for receiving, investigating, and handling the concern raised in your report. We will not keep more data than necessary to investigate your concern and we will keep the data no longer than necessary.

    You have rights regarding your personal information. You have the right to know what personal information we process about you and why. If you believe we store wrong information about you, you may ask us to correct this. If you believe there’s no longer any need for us to keep your data, you may ask us to delete the data. You may also ask us to restrict the processing of your data in certain situations, for example if you’ve asked us to fix incorrect information, you may ask us to stop processing until the information is correct. These rights apply to both the reporting person and all other person(s) involved (e.g., the subject(s) of their concern). Inter IKEA Group will handle your request in accordance with the law and inform you about the outcome of your request. If access to the data is granted to the person involved, we will take the necessary steps to ensure that your identity is not disclosed, and your personal information is removed from the documents before it is shared.

    If you aren’t satisfied with the way we treat your personal information, in many countries you have the right to file a complaint with the national supervisory authority. If you would like to exercise your rights as mentioned above or have any questions about how we protect your privacy you can reach out to the entity to which you submitted the report or to the “Data Protection Officer”, Inter IKEA Holding B.V., Olof Palmestraat 1, 2616 LN, Delft, The Netherlands.
  • We hope that you first consider reporting to Inter IKEA Group, since this usually leads to faster follow-up and offers us the opportunity to resolve the breach or misconduct. In case you think the offered channels by Inter IKEA Group cannot effectively address your concern, you may have the option to report externally to a competent authority in your country. Authorities to which this applies have a website with relevant information such as the contact details for reporting, the procedure which will be followed, the conditions for qualifying for protection and contact details for more information. The current available information to Inter IKEA Group are stated below. Over the next months this list will be updated due to new whistleblowing laws being accepted in European Union member states:

    The Netherlands

    Huis voor Klokkenluiders