code of conduct

Code of conduct

In our daily work, the code of conduct connects us and is there for us as a reminder. Then, there are times when we find ourselves in complex, uncertain or unstable situation that put pressure on the individual to act and make decisions. That’s when the code of conduct becomes a support tool. How? By providing clear expectations on how we should behave and clearly defining the lines on unacceptable behaviours.  

There are three main code of conduct documents. Even though all documents are grounded on the same principles, they are tailored for different audiences and reflect their needs and realities. There are more codes of conduct in different IKEA companies, IKEA franchisees but these three are the primary ones and the foundation for all the other existing codes.

  • Inter IKEA Group Code of conduct: Aimed at all co-workers working in the Inter IKEA Group companies. Its purpose is to create clarity and enable everyone to behave according to the IKEA Values and cultureMore than anything, it helps us in uncertain or difficult situations. It clarifies how we should act towards each other, our customers,our business partners, and other stakeholders. And it does so with an emphasis of common sense, openness, respect, fairness and integrity. Click here

  • I-Conduct: IKEA franchisees must live up to the business requirements to secure responsible business and to protect the IKEA Brand. These requirements are described in IConduct – the IKEA franchisee Code of Conduct. Click here

  • IWAY: the IKEA way of responsibly procuring products, services, materials and components (IWAY) is the IKEA supplier code of conduct. IWAY sets requirements and ways of working on environmental, social and working conditions, as well as animal welfare, for all IKEA suppliers and service providers. Click here